powerpoint for court

Everything you need to start building your own
Impeachment Machine

I guarantee that this material will help you organize and design effective courtroom presentations...you will receive many times the paltry sum of $149.00 in time saved just using my pre-formatted buttons, or using my Custom Designed Templates and watching my Animated Tutorials...all on the CD!


This CD contains:

  • PowerPoint for Court Book
    (in Acrobat .pdf format).
  • The latest Acrobat Reader.
  • 5 Preformatted Design Templates with Custom Inset Video Screens. These will save you hours and have designs suitable for the Courtroom.
  • Example PowerPoint shows from the book.
  • Sample Video clips for you to use.
  • Animated Tutorials with Voiceovers.
  • Sound Converter Software. Convert any sound format into .WAV format that PowerPoint loves.
  • Pre-Formatted buttons to use immediately.
  • Sound Editing Software. This is a full featured Sound Editor. It is Shareware and if you like it you may buy it...on the honor system.
  • Software to allow Flash animations to be inserted directly into PowerPoint.
  • Updated to latest version of PowerPoint
  • New Screenshots from latest version

PowerPoint for Court Book (in Acrobat .pdf format), CD full of extremely useful software, tutorials, templates and pre-formatted buttons for immediate use.


for the e-Book and the CD
ISBN# 1-59971-015-3

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