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PowerPoint for Courtroom Presentations

I guarantee that this material will help you organize and design effective courtroom presentations...you will receive many times the paltry sum of $149.00 in time saved just using my pre-formatted buttons, or using my Custom Designed Templates and watching my Animated Tutorials...all on the CD!

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Posted on June 11, 2008 by Charles Perez

If you're a small firm (or even a paralegal in a moderate firm) I'm sure you've been exposed to and made use of PowerPoint at some time or another. If you've had the opportuniuty to study any of my previous posts you'll also note that in the wrong hands I firmly beleive that the mis-use (or over use) of elements of this program can be a real crowd snoozer.

So - what to do? Here's a terrific, affordable alternative for novice and PowerPoint sage alike: PowerPoint For Court created by veteran Courtroom Presentation Expert and award winning graphic design artist Herb Rubinstein...

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Other Reviews of PowerPoint for Court

Your book and CD are fantastic. In less than 1 hour I was able to put together clips from deposition videos and insert them in PowerPoint - they played beautifully.
Denver Law Firm

PowerPoint for Court is now required Study Material for our firm.
Detroit Law Firm

I had 23 hours of Taped Phone conversation that I needed to edit and present. Using the software that came on the Resource CD I was able to edit just what I wanted and insert them on a PowerPoint slide. You saved us, Thanks.
Los Angeles Law Firm

My firm paid thousands of dollars for an Animated Medical Illustration that we needed to present during our opening statement. We wanted it included in the PowerPoint opening we had already produced. We searched everywhere for an answer and finally found your Book/CD.

With the software on the Resource CD, we were able to insert the Animated Medical Illustration on a slide of the show and it played smoothly and in context, without leaving our presentation!
New York Law Firm

Using your techniques and strategies, I was able to put together a compelling Day in the Life presentation that helped my client win a large settlement!

After the trial was over and the verdict in our favor, Plaintiff’s attorney came over and asked us what program we used for our closing statement, when I said PowerPoint, he refused to believe me, thinking I was withholding secrets from him.
Santa Monica Lawyer

That was fantastic!! I just got back from Florida/Chicago and just got to my email and voice mail and was able to review your manual and really is very, very good.
Mark P. Seo, Director of Sales
Verdict Systems

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