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PowerPoint for Court Courtroom Presentation Solution Package
PowerPoint for Court Package
Using PowerPoint for Court and the software and material found on the Resource CD, you will be on the
cutting edge
of Courtroom Presentation Technology and will have the winning edge over the opposing side.

If you want to keep winning in the courtroom, you must be able to keep up with today’s fast paced technology changes. Many courtrooms today are designed for electronic presentations. If you are to keep winning, you must know how to utilize these new technologies.

The ability to present any type of Exhibit electronically is becoming increasingly important. No more lugging those heavy exhibit boards into the courtroom. We now bring our computers and have the ability to display the same material in a far more interesting and visually stimulating manner.

Just about everyone is familiar with PowerPoint and it is eminently capable of displaying absolutely anything. So why go out and look for Legal Presentation programs that can cost a lot of money and take hours of valuable time to learn when you already have the perfect software package?

The answer is Don’t!

5 Years of Email Consultation

This alone is worth the price of the package!!
On average, we handle 30 to 40 emails a day from our clients. Our clients have indicated what a great resource this is, so we decided to add a FULL 5 YEARS of consultation to this package! Email us your questions. You may even send us slide samples or a presentation for us to review and make suggestions. Ask about strategies. This is such an incredible value but we wanted to give you an extra incentive to get this package today. We will only be doing this for a short period of time.

PowerPoint for Court E-Book

PowerPoint for Court E-Book - Updated in to the latest version of PowerPoint 2013, This is the absolute Bible of Courtroom Presentation. Filled with Strategies, Tips, Advice and every step accompanied with full color screenshots. Example slides and exercise materials for the book are on the CD.

Written by veteran Courtroom Presentation Expert Herb Rubinstein, CEO of ReGraphix, an award winning Graphic Design House. This book and resource material is used by the University of Oklahoma for their course material in Courtroom Technology classes. Used by prominent Trial Lawyers, District Attorneys and Federal Prosecutors. We get letters all the time from Attorneys and Professors thanking us for putting this material together.

You can give this to your ParaLegal or Administrative assistant and have them putting together First Class Courtroom Presentations, saving you Thousands. Need to put together a quick Day in the Life presentation? We show you how to put one together, in house. Again, aving you many times the cost of this package.

Use the Impeachment Machine to present conflicting Deposition Testimony to best effect. We have strategies for getting the biggest bang from a witness or expert you have managed to impeach.

Presented in the Acrobat PDF format, it is entirely searchable and printable. Works on Windows Vista, XP, as well as older versions of Windows. Compatible with all Mac Operating

Resource Kit - on CD:

  • Flash Inserter Software
  • Audio Editing Software Tryout
  • SmartDraw Legal Software Tryout
  • Example Slides
  • Preformatted Button Slides
  • Video Clips to Practice With
  • Audio Clips to Practice With
  • Custom Legal PowerPoint Slides


  • Full selection of Video Tutorials included on the CD. They will walk you thru the lessons.

Lifetime of Updates

Whenever PowerPoint updates to a newer version that has a different screen layout, our PowerPoint for Court Book will be updated with the new Screenshots. You will always be up to date!

Chapter Headings

  • Introduction to Courtroom Technology
  • Utilizing Synchronized Deposition Videos
  • New Features in PowerPoint 2013 Especially helpful to the legal profession.
  • Formatting the Master Slide
  • Header and Footer
  • Custom Slide Backgrounds - Inserting Your Logo
  • Inserting Video
  • Re-Sizing Video
  • Linking Within a Presentation
  • Opening a PDF in PowerPoint
  • Opening a Web Page In PowerPoint
  • SmartArt Graphics
  • Text Links
  • Grouping
  • Ordering or Layers
  • The Impeachment Machine (Strategies for Using Video)
  • Creating Timelines
  • Cast of Character Exhibits
  • Bullet Point Summation
  • Day in the Life Presentations
  • Presentation Tips
  • Image Preparation
  • Working with Audio
  • Creating an Inhouse Graphic Design Department
  • Flashing Flash (Inserting in Presentation)
  • Choosing the Right Equipment
  • The Importance of an Index Page
  • Handouts are Essential (General Presentation)
  • How to Capture and Use Anything (digital)
  • Creating Legal Illustrations for use in Court
  • Crime Scene Layouts
  • Links to Valuable Resources
The ability to present any type of Exhibit Electronically
is absolutely vital

Here is what clients are saying:

Your book and CD are fantastic. In less than 1 hour I was able to put together clips from deposition videos and insert them in PowerPoint - they played beautifully.
Denver Law Firm

PowerPoint for Court is now required Study Material for our firm.
Detroit Law Firm

I had 25 hours of Taped Phone conversation that I needed to edit and present. Using the software that came on the Resource CD I was able to edit just sections I needed and insert them on a PowerPoint slide.
You saved us, Thanks.
Los Angeles Law Firm

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